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Broadway Everyday Star Theater (BEST) is a community theater for kids, teens and young adults from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. BEST provides growth and knowledge through the art of theater. We are an all-inclusive community theater; many of our actors and stage crew are students with special needs. We do not reject anyone. If the actor wants to perform on stage, we accept. If they are more comfortable working backstage, we also accept. We are unlike most community theaters where you are either in the show or the director does not accept you.

The actors and crew learn about acting, improv, makeup, stage presence, costume design, set building, backstage production (lights, stage manager, sound booth) and much more. The actors also learn and perform video trailers, behind-the-scenes videos and more.

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Broadway Everyday Star Theater
Broadway Everyday Star Theater
Great news! The results are in for BroadwayWorld Reginal Awards Tampa! Congratulations to Joshua Lynch for Best Actor in a Play (local) and Craig Hartfield for Best Lighting Design - Play or Musical (local). We are so happy with your hard work for the Broadway Everyday Star Theater’s production of “A Talent for Murder!”
Broadway Everyday Star Theater
Broadway Everyday Star Theater
A lot of you have been asking about character breakdowns for Blind Date Cafe. Well, your wish is our command.

Blind Date Cafe Characters:

Patricia ‘Trish’ Tyler: (Matt’s blind date. Little sister to Katherine. Had a bad time with dating. Goes on the dating site singledates.com)

Matthew 'Matt' Parker: (Trish’s date. Friends with Katherine. Goes on the dating site singledates.com. Ex of Jazmine. Chill smooth guy, but cautious of who to date.)

Janelle Parker: (Trish’s best friend, waitress at Blind Date Café, Matt’s cousin, tries to hide the fact that she works at Blind Date Café from Matt.)

Jazmine Reins: (Matt’s Ex, jealous and tries to sabotage Matt’s date)

Arnold Stockman: (Jasmine friend, tries to help Jazmine sabotage Matt’s date and has a crush on Jasmine)

Cam Hinton: (Can be boy or girl. Blind Date Café’s Manager. Very uptight)

Selena Vega: (Sean’s date. All-American girl who is independent. Hates Sean’s mother Donna)

Sean Parks (Selena’s date. Loves Selena, but fears his mother. Mama’s boy.)

Donna Parks (Sean’s mother. Treats Sean like a baby and thinks Selena is the worse date for Sean)

Sally Apple: (An old woman who is hard of hearing and is still waiting for her prince.)

Kristen Pine: (An old woman, a friend of Sally. Tries to convince Sally that her prince is not coming)

Stu Apple: (Sally's older brother, old man, and a gentleman.)

Courtney Waters: (Waitress at the restaurant, sick with the flu,)


Blind Date Café

Original comedy play by Katie Welch

Audition Dates: Monday February 10th 5-7 PM and Thursday February 13th 5-7 PM

Show Dates: Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th

Prepare a one-minute comedy monologue. Prepare for cold readings too. Headshot and resume is optional. Rehearsals will be on Mondays and Thursdays with two Saturdays for Set and Media Days.

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